Electrical Testing

We provided a complete range of electrical testing services from homebuyer/ sale and landlord reports to Portable Appliance Testing (P.A.T).


Many people aren't aware of the importance of electrical testing and see it purely from a compliance point of view - like a boiler. However if you think that you would have a car MOT'd and serviced once a year because you want it to be safe and ensure there have been no issues arise, then surely you would want the same for your electrical installation - especially when you use it daily and probably sleeping there too.

Electrical​ Installation Condition Reports (EICRs, formerly Periodic/ PIRs) are a test on the fixed wiring of your property. When done properly they give a true insight into the condition of your electrics and any underlying or potential issues.


An EICR will start at your consumer unit (fuseboard) and include carrying out a full 68 point inspection, up to 7 different electrical test per circuit and sampling of at least 20% of the switches, sockets and light fittings. Like when you have an MOT carried out you are given a list of advisory issues to be aware of going forward or a coded list of defects that need to be carried out in order to gain a satisfactory grading should there be anything affecting the safety of the installation. An EICR would be carried out for:

Testing Electrician Dorking
Testing Electrician Dorking
  • Homebuyers

  • Landlords

  • Vendors

  • Insurance

  • Mortgage Applications

  • Health and Safety Assessments

  • Shops

  • Offices

  • Restaurants 

You should always be cautious when selecting an electrician for any electrical testing. Many companies offer an extremely low price in order to get the job, only to deem the installation unsafe and charge you a large amount for unnecessary work to gain a satisfactory grading.

Others will do the testing at a low price but not carry out a full and detailed check. They will omit certain applicable tests, parts of the inspection or sampling in order to recoup their cost. This renders the report effectively worthless, much like paying for a service on a car, getting a service stamp in the logbook but the mechanic never even lifted the bonnet.

We have a fixed price for EICRs so you will know exactly what to expect. As standard, we carryout the full range of tests applicable unless any limitations are set by you in advance. In addition, we openly encourage you to get additional quotes for any defects we provide a cost to rectify. We are based in Dorking too, which means we can provide you with local references and should you have difficulty understanding the EICR results, we can pop by to discuss. A friendly and polite manner are part of the service.

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